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What is Colostrum?


Colostrum is the first food provided by nature for new born mammals. It is the first fluid that comes out from the mammary glandsof mammals during the first few days after giving birth. It is also known as beestings or first milk or "immune milk". The color is yellowish and the consistency is a bit sticky. Mature milk is produced and secreted by the mammary glands two to three weeks after giving birth. The main difference between colostrum and true milk is that colostrum contains large quantities of antibodies or immunoglobulins compared to true milk.


Why is Colostrum Called the Miracle Food?


Medical researchers and experts called colostrum “the miracle food” because it is the only food in nature that contains antibodies. Antibodies or immunoglobulins are proteins that fight disease causing micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses. This is the reason why breast feeding is very important.


Newborn must breast feed with colostrum to avail of antibodies for protection from trillions of pathogenic organisms in the surroundings that may cause lethal diseases to a newborn whose immune system isstill immature. Studies have shown that newborns breastfed with colostrum areless likely to develop diseases compared to those who were not given with colostrum.


When did people start drinking colostrum?


Colostrum has been consumed by human beings sincethe dawn of civilization. Colostrum is life’s real first food. ThisGod-formulated food is superior because of its  unique composition and the amazing health benefits attributed to it. Despite the advances in food science,man is still unable to formulate a food that can surpass this nature-formulated colostrum it terms of improving human health.


Why do we drink bovine or cow’s colostrum?


Human colostrum is not readily available, thus we have to rely on othersources. Research has shown that colostrum from dairy cows (bovine colostrum)is very similar to human colostrum and is a safe alternative. In fact, it hasbeen reported that bovine colostrum is up to forty times richer in immune factors compared to human colostrums


Are There Other Colostrum in the Market?


Yes, colostrum food has been in global market for about 20 years now. About 500 patented brands are commercially available indifferent countries. Colostrums are available in tablet, capsule, spray,lozenges, and powder forms.


What is IgCO?


IgCo is a functional health drink and is the first colostrum food in the Philippines. It is 100% natural colostrum blended with skim milk from New Zealand. Each box of IgCO Colostrum contains 30 sachets and and each sachet contains 150mg IgG.


What is the Storage Condition for IgCo?


Avoid exposure to heat and humidity. Once the sachet is opened, the content should beconsumed immediately to prevent any change in quality.


What is unique about IgCO?


IgCO comes from New Zealand where the air and water are pure, and the New Zealand cows are not fed antibiotics, hormones and otherunnatural products. The  fresh liquid colostrum that are produced from New Zealand cows are processed carefully using slow spray-dry technique, subjected to low temperature just enough for the water content of colostrum to evaporate, and after water evaporation what remain is the solid powder form of colostrum. With this technique, which avoided high temperature and pressure such as are required for producing tablets and capsules, the active biological components of colostrum such as the immune factors and growth factors are preserved.


How Does One Drink IgCO?


Dissolve and mix one sachet in half a glass of luke warm water (50 celcius and below) to be taken on an empty stomach early in the morning or at bed time. However, a person may opt for cold water or water at room temperature, depending on one’s preference. Do not use hot water in preparing IgCO Colostrum because hot water will destroy or denature the antibodies and other active protein components present in colostrum. Adults can drink one or more sachets a day depending on their body needs and health status. Children below 12 years of age can take at least half a sachet, or more, daily. IgCO is not targeted for children below 2 years old since they should breastfeed from their mothers.


I am an adult, so why do I need IgCo Colostrum?


After puberty, our bodies gradually produce less of the essential immune and growth factors that help our bodies fight off disease,heal damaged tissue and regenerate new cells.


IgCO Natural Colostrum Skim Milk Powder is anatural source of immune and growth factors and is an effective supplement to keep us in the peak of health.


Who Are Drinking IgCO Regularly?


Medical practitioners, their relatives, friends and patients, and their friends of friends, all drink IgCO ever since it was available in the Philippines 5 yearsago.


What are Some of the Health Benefits Observed?


1.   Improves overall sense of well being.

2.   Gives the body higher energy level.

3.   Relieves stress and elevates good mood.

4.   Increase exercise tolerance and endurance.

5.   Enhances the digestive processes.

6.   Accelerates wound healing and cellregeneration.

7.   Stimulates healthy bone metabolism.

8.   Improves the quality of sleep.

9.   Helps the body to burn fat and build leanmuscles.



Is IgCO a Medicine?


Colostrum is not a medicine and is never a substitute for medicine. It is very important to visit and consult your physicians for any health concerns you have. Colostrum is a functional healthfood and it should be a part of our daily food regimen, in addition to the medications that may be prescribed by your physicians.


Why Do We Need IgCO?


We are exposed to a lot of factors that weaken our immune system, such as stress, exposure to bacteria and viruses due to polluted air and water, misuse and abuse of drugs, unhealthy lifestyle like chronic smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet like processed foods,too much soft drinks and coffee, and food preservatives, lack of regular exercise, inadequate sleep, etc. Prolonged exposure to any or all of these factors will cause gradual deterioration of health status. Filipinos should make it a habit to drink colostrum everyday to maintain a healthy immune system.


How safe is IgCo Colostrum and does it have any side effects?


IgCO Natural Colostrum Skim Milk Powder is like food. It is 100% natural and does not contain any chemicals, antibiotics andsteroids. If you are able to consume milk without any problem then you should be able to take IgCO Natural Colostrum Skim Milk Powder. It can be consumed in any quantity without any side effects.



Can a person with lactose intolerance drink IgCo?


Many persons with lactose intolerance are drinking IgCo. They start with one-half or one-third sachet in the beginning and are able to tolerate one or more sachets after a few weeks of daily intake without significant symptoms of lactose intolerance anymore. By the way, IgCo colostrum has a lower lactose level than fresh milk or whole milk.


Can persons with milk allergies drink IgCo?


No, persons with proven cow’s milk allergies should not drink IgCo. But it is important to know that lactose intolerance is not the same as cow’s milk allergy.


Can I take IgCo with my medicines?


Yes, you can continue with the medicines that your physician prescribed for you. There is no interaction with them.


How does IgCo promote anti-aging?


As we age, the amount of growth factors and especially the growth hormones in the body is greatly reduced.


These hormones are necessary for the reproduction of virtually all of our body’s cellular tissues.


Without these hormones we begin to age and eventuallydie. IgCO Natural Colostrum Skim Milk Powder delivers the essential growthfactors and especially the growth hormones in a balanced package that stimulates the regeneration of cellular tissue and thus delay the onset of aging.


The growth factors also help in maintaining, if not increasing bone mass which is a key factor to remaining healthy in old age.


Does IgCo help after surgery or accidents?


The immune factors in IgCO Natural Colostrum Skim Milk Powder are highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents which help reduce and eliminate infections in external injuries (cuts, burns,abrasions and surgical wounds).


IgCO Natural Colostrum Skim Milk Powder also contains growth factors which help reduce swelling and pain while promoting accelerated healing.


Can IgCo help with depression?


When depressed, a way to improve our mood is by increasing the brain’s feel-good chemicals, serotonin and dopamine.


IgCO Natural Colostrum Skim Milk Powder contains lactalbumin which can naturally stimulate the brain to release serotonin and dopamine and prolong their re-uptake.


This product also activates the release of other chemicals in the brain that affect alertness and concentration.


What Are the Immune Factors in Colostrum?


Immunoglobulins: these are the most important component of colostrum. These are special proteins produced by the body in response to the host being exposed to foreign substances (antigens) such as infectious microbes. The immunoglobulins are directed specifically to the antigen that induced their formation. Bovine colostrum contains all five classes of immunoglobulins found in human colostrum which are IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE and IgD. The most abundant immunoglobulins is IgG.Human colostrum contains about 2% IgG while bovine colostrum has up to 40 times that amount.


Lactoferrin: A powerful antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatoryprotein which deprives pathogens of the iron they need to proliferate.


Proline: Rich Polypeptide - Regulates the activity of the immune system,modulating overactive immune responses and enhancing a hypoactive immunesystem.


Oligasaccharides: Sugars (saccharine) that attach and bind to invading bacteria,preventing them from attaching to or passing through the intestinal wall therefore preventing intestinal infection.


Cytokine: Interlukin1&6, Interferon an lymphokinesis - stimulates the production of immunoglobulins and regulate the intensity of the immune function.


Lactalbumins: Help increase brain serotonin levels and improve mood under stress.


Lysozymes: has been shown to kill bacteria and viruses on contact. 


What are the Nutrient Facts about IgCo?


One sachet of Igco Natural Colostrum Skim Milk contains the following nutrients:


Immunoglobulin G: 150.00 mg

Carbohydrate: 7.50 g

Energy: 54.00 Kcal

Fat: 0.125 g

Folate: 7.50 mcg

Iodine: 3.00 mg

Iron: 0.05 mg

Magnesium: 16.50 mg

Zinc: 0.60 mg

Niacin: 0.145 mg

Phosphorous: 145.00 mg

Protein: 5.75 g

Calcium: 192.50 mg

Vitamin B1: 0.06 mg

Vitamin B2 0.235 my

Vitamin B6: 0.05 mg

Vitamin B12: 0.60 mg

Vitamin C: 1.00 mg




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